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A Supportive Hug

About Us.

Elite Cares for Educators creates strong educational development options and establishes solid foundations for educators.


Elite Cares for Educators is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing productive, wholesome, and inspiring programs that will contribute to the progress of educators.


Our purpose is to create and organize programming that will inspire, empower and enhance educators socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and economically. This organization aims to accomplish its mission through the establishment of activities, clubs, workshops, community outreach, training sessions, positive peer-to-peer interaction, mental/emotional education, nutritional health education, empowerment camps, fiscal sponsorship, and partnerships with community leaders that share a common interest that's beneficial to the progress of education. As an organization, Elite Cares for Educators believes it can build various aspects of an educator's life--spirit, mind, and body by means of creating morally beneficial programs. 

Elite Cares for Educators' mission is to provide educational resources, nutrition assistance, and funding opportunities for childcare programs to support early childhood initiatives.

Educational Resources


Enrichment programs, professional development workshops, conferences, and resources

Funding Opportunities


Grants to develop the early childhood learning environment and education scholarships for early childhood professionals.​

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